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Dear Consciousness Seekers,

    Wobble Alert: We are in a powerful double whammy both a Wobble and a Mercury retrograde happening at the same time.   The Wobble began August 27th and goes til  October 13th.   Mercury goes forward the morning of October 9th.  The center of the Wobble is right on the Fall Equinox along with Mercury in Libra making this is a Wobble  heavily impacting the world.  Stay alert, do not rush, watch anger and wait on making life changing decisions. 

    Alert: We are living in some truly crazy times. The energy in the collective is not only chaotic but full of anger, violence and bizarre thoughts of violence floating through “normal’ people’s minds with many wondering why. The Planets do not cause us to behave a certain way; all they do is act like a spotlight on the issues that we as individuals and the collective are to now learn about. Please remember that the Earth plane is a school. The Cycles we are in are focusing on all that has been repressed, suppressed, and unexpressed.  The feelings and thoughts have been there all along and it is if Pandora’s Box has been opened and all the evils of the world are flying round in the atmosphere.  If you are having some unusual crazy thoughts realize they may not be yours but what you are “picking” up unknowingly from the energies that are out there.  First anchor yourself with an image of a Spiritual being you hold dear, remember Love, and then ask yourself  are these your thoughts or are they these energies you are tuning into.  You must energetically protect yourself through prayer, crystals, and reading something uplifting each night before you go to bed to remind you about the energy of Love. Stay calm and do not overreact to another’s words or actions. Remove you self from the discord and try and stay away from crowded places.  A time to be more inner, present and self aware.

    We are being bombarded with so much, that it is essential to stay calm and to focus on what is truly important in Life. What can you do personally to eliminate stress? The more you are attached to things or a person being a certain way, the more upset and stressed you become. An important key to navigating through these times is to be flexible and not be overly attached to outcomes.  It can be a time of profound change by examining your Life and looking at what you need to change inwardly and outwardly. For some it is a rude awakening, thank God you are seeing what needs to seen.


   Life is about your Soul’s growth and evolution. That old saying that everything happens for the best, is for your Soul, not your ego.  Things happen in Life that can be tragic to the personal self; while on a Soul level expands and enhances. Some Souls choose a path of pain and carry within them the suffering of the Christ pattern.  To look at someone else’s Life without understanding their Soul patterns is to not understand what their Life is about. That is one of the great gifts of Astrology in the hands of a true professional, the ability to see clearly what that individual’s Life is truly about.

     As the Planets move after your birth, they periodically form relationships/angles with the Planets in your Chart, and new events, lessons and opportunities show up in your Life. If we honor the Cycles and what they are trying to teach us, we move forward empowered. Saturn is one of the greatest teachers we each get in Life.  Saturn is going into the sign of Sagittarius on December 23rd, and except for a few months when it retrogrades back into Scorpio, it will in Sagittarius till late December 2017.  This is Life changing for the Sagittarians.  This is one of the many things I discuss on my 2015 two CD Set of Wobbles and Cycles.  How best to handle Saturn.

   Most of the Wobbles in 2015 are in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra which impacts these signs and are extremely important for the world because they will be triggering the Pluto/ Uranus pattern of world change. Wobble dates are on 2015 CDs .

   This is why, among other things it is so critical to get your Birthday Solar Return Chart checked out before your Birthday.  It is as if the Cycles have nuclear power behind them. When you have Planets in your Solar Return section of health, it is more difficult to stay healthy. The ideal is not to have Planets there.  The one factor that cannot be changed is the Solar Return Part of Fortune position in the Birthday Chart. Though it cannot be moved as it is similar to a Vortex, it can be supported by a Planet.  The Part of Fortune in the sections 8th, 6th and 1st of a person’s Birthday Chart can be extremely dangerous. At a recent Solar Return Workshop there was an individual who had the Part of Fortune in the 8th section which is critical and can often (not always) reflect a Life and Death process.  The person as a result of the Workshop went for a thorough checkup and it was discovered she was having a critical illness and is currently fighting for her Life.  If she had waited any longer she would not have the chance to overcome this, though miracles can always happen.

     When I send someone on a Birthday trip who needs to go a great distance, it is to give them the best possible Chart given the Planetary hand they are being dealt on their Birthday. Sometimes just going a state over can make a huge difference. For example if you have Saturn in your money section of your Chart, just moving that can make a big financial difference. When someone is going through a difficult time, a Birthday trip can help mitigate how things turn out. The further you travel in miles for your Birthday the more dramatically you change your Chart for the year.  Many of my clients’ Birthday locations are in the United States as that may be all that it takes to have a good Birthday Chart.  If after my analysis, the Birthday Chart is fine for staying home, I explain that to my client. The Planetary patterns in the Birthday Solar Return Chart are getting more difficult due to the Planets relationship with one another.

     When Mercury is retrograde at the time of the current Birthday, it is vastly important where it is in the Solar Return Chart as it will be in that section for a year. This can have a big impact professionally, financially, etc. The best Planet to bring positive changes and support to a particular area of your Life is the Planet Venus.  It is more helpful than Jupiter.

The explanation of the Cycles and Wobbles’ energies is on my yearly CD Set.
          The 2015 Cycles and Wobbles 2CD Set.
Have A Joyful Holiday Season and a Blessed 2015!!
In Love and Truth, Signe
p.s. One of the greatest quotes from a favorite movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”
“Everything will be alright in the end, and if it is not alright, it is not the end”.

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