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Dear Consciousness Seekers,

Difficult are these times! We are having the planet of change Uranus in conflict with the planet of transformation Pluto further intensifying the process of world change we are already in. It is a yet another time of breaking down of patterns that no longer work on many different levels, including economic, political, societal, etc. The need and desire for change is prevalent and can result in violent upheaval. Uranus the great breaker upper was last in the sign of Aries beginning in 1927 for 7 years. Then in the early 1930’s these two Planets were in conflict. Needless to say it was a very difficult time for the United States as well as in many other countries. Also the weather patterns are getting more extreme.

Individually it is a time to break free of self-defeating and limiting patterns and to create new ways of living your Life. How your Life was is no longer and the changes can be troubling and disconcerting until you go within and connect with your Soul, which is only concerned, with your evolutionary growth. Change within first and your outer Life will change automatically to reflect your inner changes. The externals, the things that are occurring in your Life and in the World are the catalysts of growth. It is so easy to forget why we are all here in this Earth school. 

The prevailing energy is chaotic and disruptive. People are over reactive, irritable and angry. It is so easy to get swept away suddenly and forget the Soul lessons you have learned. It is relentless. A time of major testing to realize what we each have truly learned and what we haven’t. A time of instant karma when what you have been hiding or not dealing with comes out into the open. Also issues that you thought you had resolved whether for example abuse from your childhood comes up now more powerfully to heal the last vestiges.

Everyone needs to be on guard and more vigilant in doing the things that are supportive daily to help stay calm and connected to source. Chose a piece of music that has no words that when you listen to it, brings calm. For me it is the Ocean Waves CD by Robbins Island music. When you listen to the same piece of music over and over daily it automatically takes you into an Alpha state of peace and calm.

The first requisite is DISCIPLINE. In these times of this typhoon of energy swirling all around, getting rest and eating nourishing foods is more important than ever. I do know that eating comfort foods and drinking more wine is how many are coping. There is a problem though since the chaotic energy affects the body as well. Now more than ever we each need to take better care of ourselves. Have supportive friends whose love is in their actions, not just in their words. Watch Super Soul Sundays on the OWN Network, powerfully insightful!

More people are checking out unfortunately through suicide. Tragically many are young people that are being cruelly bullied in schools and on the Internet. We live in a culture where bad behavior and meanness are what gives some reality shows their ratings and makes this behavior acceptable. Truly wished that compassion was taught in schools among other Life affirming courses. You are here to learn your Soul lessons, not escape from them.

Pluto is in the World sign of Capricorn and the last time Pluto was in Capricorn were the years leading up to and including the American Revolution. Pluto at the highest level reflects God’s will in action. The founding fathers of the United States had a high spiritual vision for the USA and also that it become a great light in the affairs of Mankind. It is beyond sad that so many in political office regardless of political party are more concerned about their personal goals than what is best for the United States. The meanness that abounds in many areas is appalling.

In this process where everything is speeded up, a great positive are the medical and technological breakthroughs. Each day reminding your self what you are grateful for. Letting others know your appreciation. Also work with the Cycles instead of against them.

One of the most important timing factors is the Planet Mars and its relationship to the other Planets. Usually Mars spends 6 weeks in a Sign and periodically will spend several months in one particular Sign. Such is the case beginning this December of 2013 with Mars going into Libra and staying in Libra all the way until late July of 2014, ALMOST 8 MONTHS. This Mars Cycle will be impacting everyone as it will be staying in one area of your Natal and Solar Return Chart and making a T square with Uranus and Pluto. It is a great activator and major stress factor if you do not know how to handle it wisely. This is one of the most important Cycles we are having in this Lifetime.

One of the most powerful support tools is the Birthday Solar Return trip, because it can change how this Mars, Uranus, Pluto T square plays out. Even if you can’t take a trip, knowing where it occurs in your Birthday Chart can make a huge difference. With my schedule, I basically have only been doing a Workshop a year. Since I do not "crank" out Charts, my schedule runs way in advance.


The purpose of this Workshop is to assist you in understanding the nature of the Uranus Pluto Life altering Cycle in the design of your Life. Through understanding and recognition, one can shift how this energy plays out.      

  Not necessary to have any previous knowledge of Astrology 

Please fill out the enclosed Registration Form

By Pre-registration only, each Workshop is limited to 21.

Address will be sent to those who have a space in the Workshop

1st Moon/Solar Wobble January 10 till March 1st       Center 3o Aquarius

Retrograde February 6th                                              1:43 pm Pacific Time
Mercury Direct February 28th                                     6:00 am Pacific Time

Pluto opposes USA Sun mid January till end of February
First exact opposition


Mars enters Libra December 7th 2013                      12:41 pm Pacific Time
Mars stays in Libra till eve of July 25th 2014
Volatile time frame

Lunar Eclipse April 15th                                                              25o 16’ Libra
Solar Eclipse April 28th                                                               8o 52’ Taurus

The explanation of the Cycles and Wobbles’ energies is on my yearly CDs.

             The 2014 Cycles and Wobbles 2CD Set will start shipping sometime in December.

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      Have A Wonderful Holiday Season and a Heart Centered 2014 Full of Compassion, Love and Appreciation!!

With Love and Truth,



God, give me grace to accept with serenity

the things that cannot be changed,

Courage to change the things

which should be changed,

and the Wisdom to distinguish

the one from the other.

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