The World is being essentially turned upside down. Now with the Planet Uranus sitting on the Moon’s Nodes since this July and into this August and September it is explosive on many different levels including Mother Nature. In addition since the Moon’s Nodes are also on the Nodes of Mars, crime and violence is escalating. The Planetary factors do not make people behave a certain way they only act as spotlights on these issues bringing out into the open what needs to be dealt with. Why are the perpetrators of crime not being locked up in so many cities? Many vote into office individuals who are not on the side of victims. Unfortunately too many vote based on their personal political party and not on what are the best policies and the best candidates. Please vote for individuals and not based on their political party. We began another Solar+Moon Wobble this July 17th which goes until August 29th. You cannot really tell the difference these days because of all the heavy Cycles going on. The Wobbles just add fuel to all this craziness. The center of this Wobble is at 17 degrees/ 48 minutes of Leo right on Uranus. So much tragedy going on in the World. An extreme test of faith and courage.

     Mercury goes Retrograde on September 9th at 8:38 pm Pacific time and finally goes forward on October 2nd at 2:07 am Pacific time. Add 3 hours for East coast time and 2 hours for central time. When Mercury first goes retrograde it is in the Sign of Libra and then on September 23rd at 5:04 am it goes back into Virgo where it will still be when it goes forward.

     SATURN the Planet of lessons, tests and karma has also been in conflict with the Moon’s nodes since March and all this April, May, June, July, August, September and October. Saturn is also the Planet that represents the outer world mirroring these increasing times of turmoil, conflict and chaos. It is like a never ending wobble. This also reflects extreme reactivity on the part of many who have lost their common sense. This coupled with actual Wobbles makes matters worse. Many are so stuck in their mental ideologies they cannot see reality. Shocking times when those who support free speech and our constitution are attacked. Let me remind you that in communist countries there is no free speech; their government controls what is said.

     Ukraine. Is history repeating itself? Why the evil monster Putin's invasion should matter to the whole World. We are in a Cycle that we last had when Hitler was invading Germany's neighboring countries. The cycle is the Planet Uranus in Taurus. The United States was late getting involved in Hitler's war. We did not get involved until Pearl Harbor was bombed. As a result of WW2 an estimated total of 75 to 85 million people died. It could have been a lot less if we had not waited to get involved. Putin wants to invade other countries to have his warped vision of the "old Russia". All the Russian citizens in Russia could stop Putin if everyone of them took to the streets to protest in mass. This way there would be too many thousands to arrest. Putin does not care about the Russian people as they are the ones the sanctions hurt, not Putin! "Whatever you do unto the least of mine you do unto me". Jesus All the Wobbles in 2022 are in the fixed Signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. These Wobbles this year further intensify the conflict between Saturn and Uranus which is the conflict of control versus freedom. This dynamic continues throughout the world and escalates conflict on many different levels. This coupled with the Solar Eclipse that occurred in Gemini in June which was on the USA Mars heightens our terror threat and global conflicts now and through 2022. The Gemini Eclipse is in effect for a year. SOLAR ECLIPSE on December 4th at 12 degrees/ 22 minutes of Sagittarius also opposes the United States Uranus and Mars. Dangerous times for the USA. As a result of the ill planned and timed Afghanistan pullout the rest of the world sees the USA as weak. China and Russia are escalating dangerous actions. What are current government did by leaving Afghanistan abruptly was also a crime to all our brave military who either died or were extremely injured and now live the rest of their lives with their injuries. We had 26 hundred troops keeping the balance in Afghanistan. Now as a result our current government created a humanitarian crisis for the people of Afghanistan. Our current government left behind Americans and many who helped our military and 86 billion dollars of our military equipment. Those who truly care about women would not have left the Afghani women in the hands of cruel despots!

     We are in the early stages of the Aquarian Age which is to be the Age of Brotherhood which means recognizing that actions taken against our fellow humans ultimately can no longer be tolerated or accepted.

     The Planets do not make us behave a certain way, they act as a spotlight on what we need to deal with globally and individually and it is up to us how we handle the Cycles. The dangerous mess the USA is in was man made. As I have often said vote for the best leader regardless of political party. Too many voted for personality versus policy. Vote for leadership not likeability.

     With the pervasive energy of Neptune in Pisces which reflects illusion and delusion, it is critical to get all the facts before you make a decision whether it is a personal matter or on a news event occurrence. Unfortunately so many jump to a conclusion before getting all the facts and worst of all is our main stream media and social media. I ask all of you to get your news from several different sources and not just the ones that support your political beliefs. Too many are not thinking for themselves and only taking their opinion from someone else.

    Also the energy of the USA Pluto Return is now coming in and will be at its most powerful in 2022.  Since the USA is the leader in the World this Pluto Return will affect the World.  It has been bad enough when Saturn joined Pluto which ushered in this pandemic and the pandemic in the first part of the 20th century.  When Saturn joins Pluto it is World changing as this aspect also ushered in World War 2. Capricorn is the Sign that represents the outer material World and ever since Pluto has been in Capricorn it is transforming the World and unleashing the “dark side” which is all the stuff that ultimately needs to be healed. We are in a collective storm and how we handle it depends a lot on who is steering the “ship” of the United States. We need strong leaders.  Individually we each need to strengthen our commitment to our own Evolution Spiritually.

   We still have Saturn is in conflict with Uranus (square 90 degree angle) all this year.  Saturn represents control and Uranus represents freedom.  We see this conflict between control and freedom going on all over the world.  Ultimately freedom wins but it takes a while and many lives can be lost.  So many are totally unaware of what they are involved in goes against Democracy, freedom and freedom of speech.

   During these times of intense Planetary Patterns, the Wobbles just heighten the overall craziness.  Please remember that our Universe was created out of extreme chaos in the heavens.  These times of extreme difficulties test everyone’s faith and courage. We are each here to evolve as Souls and become one with God. This can take several Lifetimes, but it is always the current Lifetime that determines how evolved we each are now.  If everyone lived according to the Ten Commandments we would have heaven on Earth. Your relationship with God needs to be the priority.  “Seek first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added unto you”.  

 These times are to remind us all that we are all part of the greater human family. We are in the infancy of the Age of Aquarius, which is the Age of Brotherhood.  How do we get to Brotherhood?  Until we learn we are all ONE regardless of race, religion and or gender we will get great crises that will force us to remember that we are all connected.  The Earth and this World have a Destiny of Unity/ Oneness.


Please remember the purpose of Life is Soul growth. During Wobbles, emotions run very high, often resulting in more violence and sudden unexpected life changing events and decisions. Political and personal upheavals are the norm along with accidents, fires, and outbursts from Mother Nature. The Earth is a living organism and mirrors the energy of humanity. Nothing goes as planned, so don’t schedule appointments or clients back-to-back and allow extra unscheduled time for the unexpected.  Be more careful driving, try not to rush anywhere and get plenty of rest, as the intensity of a Wobble can be draining. Also stay in touch with your feelings while keeping them to yourself. What you feel about a person or a situation during this time frame may change after the Wobble is over.  How things look during Wobbles is not how they often appear after it’s over.  

  A lot going on in the world, in the collective of humanity and impacting many individually. We each need to do daily practices such as prayer, meditation and reading short inspirational Spiritual reminders to help stay heart centered and balanced. Make a personal commitment to be kind and compassionate.    

          Wishing you all the best!

    Wobbles are important but in addition there are also so many other Planetary Cycles going on that are equally powerful. There are no “quiet” time frames at this turning point in humanity’s development. One of the greatest tools which can serve you the most is to find out how best to work with your own personal Astrological Cycles as reflected in your Charts, both Natal and Solar Return. The insight provided through an expert Astrologer can help you navigate through these times of collective chaos. 

    For most Life is not going as planned. The outer events in Life happen for your Soul’s growth not for your personality’s desires. As painful as it can be at times is to trust your Soul’s journey even in the darkest times. A time to be more inner and focus on understanding your Soul’s Destiny which a gifted Astrologer can reveal to you.

                   In Love and Truth, Signe

Before I close be extra kind to animals; they feel the energies as well. Put water outside for the wild life: deer, birds, bunnies ,etc. in a galvanized steel tub from the hardware store. Also regardless if you are young or aging please, please make provisions of who your animals could live with if something were to happen to you. Also leave some money for your animals care in your will. Even if you have very little there is always something that can be left. Try and do a “Living Trust” where the money is immediately accessible instead of going to probate. Imagine your animal who is so loved ending up in a cage in a shelter or worse. It is so sad that so often people just do not think about their animals future. No one gives more Love and companionship than a pet. By the way many do not realize that the type of kitty litter you use is critical as cats ingest the kitty litter when they clean themselves. Recently I have been using Okocat clumping wood litter and it is amazing. It clumps, eliminates smell, dust free and does not need to be changed often. Reasonably priced on Amazon.  

In a perfect world there would not be hate, war, cruelty, hunger, racism and Earth pollution. All too sadly we do not live in a perfect World, but each of us must do our part each day to help create a perfect World. 

The main purpose of my work has always been to help protect my clients well being and this is why I am such a proponent of Birthday Solar Return trips. Where these powerful Cycles occur in your Birthday Chart is vitally important. Years ago I was doing a combination in depth Life Evolution and Cycles Update Reading for a new client. I asked her if she would do a Birthday trip since there was a critical pattern in her coming Birthday Chart. She like the majority of my clients are mainstream normal working people. She said yes as long as the location would be kept to the United States. In her coming Birthday Chart she had the Solar Return Part of Fortune in the 6th House of Health. This is a bad thing due to the fact many have either had health problems or died as a result of an accident or health problem. The Solar Return Part of Fortune is a mathematical point and is like a vortex of energy. Since it is not a Planet, it cannot be moved for that Birthday Year. Which means no matter where in the world you spend your Birthday it will still be in that section of your Chart for the year. The good news is that it can be supported by doing a Birthday trip. So far none of my clients with a critical Part of Fortune in their Solar Return Chart who took a Birthday trip have died. People who are not my clients and had this factor badly aspected did.

Now back to my client. I told her what would support this critical pattern in her Chart was to go to a city in out of the country. It was too serious to limit the location to the USA. I reminded her that even doing this support trip she would need to have a thorough medical checkup and be extra careful driving, etc. Reluctantly she went and still to this day says thank God she did because a few months after her birthday she was shot at on a California freeway. The bullet missed her and hit her tire. The police were called in and later the guys were caught. These guys actually killed one motorist and sent another to the hospital. I do believe there is not only one time for a person to leave the Earth, for many there are options. We have all heard about people dying and being given the opportunity to return. Years ago I met a man who was pronounced clinically dead and returned.

I have been doing Birthday locations longer than almost any other Astrologer alive. Unfortunately the majority of Astrologers are totally unaware of how critical the Birthday Solar Return Part of Fortune is. This is something I discovered in my years of work on Birthday Charts. Calculating a Birthday location is very serious business and should only be done by a knowledgeable professional Astrologer. With that said I only do Birthday locations for those who understand it is a support tool, not a quick fix and those I am inwardly led to work with. If you are unsure of the validity of Solar Return Charts just take a look at the past difficult years of your Life and you will see how it was all there in your Birthday Solar Return Charts.

One of the most interesting things happened with a client of mine’s daughter. I talked about her on one of my TV shows on Solar Returns. The daughter was in two different cities on her Birthday. She was in one city for almost half of the Solar Return and then flew to another city which totally changed her Chart. Each 2 hours of a Solar Return is equivalent to one month. The daughter was having health problems (6th House Section Planets) and I told my client not to worry she would be fine in five months when her Birthday Solar Return shifted to the Chart of the city she flew to on her Birthday. But I told my client her daughter’s marital engagement would breakup due to the Planets now in her 7th House Section of Relationship reflected by the second city. It is stunning the impact a Solar Return Chart has on one’s Life. Many naturally have a good Solar Return Birthday Chart and others do not. It is wise to always get it analyzed before your Birthday just in case. Also there are those times when it is impossible to shift a critical pattern and then it is the time for the individual to leave the Earth plane. Years ago I appeared on a new syndicated TV show with a client of mine. My client’s husband was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and given 2 months to live. Since the doctors verdict occurred a few weeks before her husband’s upcoming Birthday, she started taking him on Solar Return Birthday trips. After the following 9 years of doing his Birthday locations since his fatal diagnosis, I told her that the Planetary factors in his coming Birthday Chart were too difficult and that he would die after his next Birthday. During the 9 years he continued to go to work every day and live his Life normally. After that last Birthday he passed away without undue suffering. By the way the woman whose TV show it was we appeared on had a Solar Return Birthday Chart that revealed her career for that year would be a disaster and it was.

Did you know the word disaster means away from the stars. There are those times when people do not listen. My longtime mentor and dear friend Brugh Joy came to visit me 5 months before his upcoming Birthday. We were having lunch and I showed him his upcoming Birthday Chart and told him how critical it was for him to take a Birthday Trip. It was a death pattern and could be changed. He was someone who knew a lot about Astrology and knew what the different areas of a Chart meant. He also previously had me locate the best place to be on another Birthday. For this critical Birthday Chart he said he had transmuted death before and would work with the energies. Later he even joked with a mutual client about my concerns that he would die if he did not change the Chart and he did. He really believed up until the end that he would not die at that time. He meant the world to me and many others and to this day I am sad about his passing. The hardest lesson for me in Life is to accept others choices when I know they are making a “wrong turn”. We all must learn to listen more to the messages and the signs.

Years ago I was doing a Reading for a client who was under a difficult Cycle from the Planet Neptune. I advised her to quit her job and go back to school honoring her Soul’s calling. Neptunian Cycles are the most difficult as they require putting matters of the material world behind Soul matters. Right after the tragedy of 9/11 she called me and told me I had saved her life. She said she listened and quit her job which she then told me was in the Twin Towers in New York at Goldman Sachs where so many were killed.

Neptune of all the Cycles is the most difficult as it is nebulous where what one is experiencing is unclear and vague. It is the Cycle where if it is on a difficult angle to a person’s Mars, Mercury and or Sun they could have a nervous breakdown and or get involved with escapist patterns such as alcohol or drugs. In extreme cases a persecution pattern may develop. If you are aware of your Cycles these things do not have to play out if you take necessary precautions and get professional help. It is also the pattern of the person who wants to die in the name of their misinterpreted religion. A Cycle of delusion where one can get involved with dangerous people professionally and personally. Neptune has a high side as well which very few are able to access unless they are totally personally aware and understand their own “shadow”. Please read “Meeting the Shadow edited by Connie Zweig and Jeremiah Abrams. The “high” side of Neptune is expanded intuition, heightened sensitivity, greater compassion and understanding. Accompanied by the desire to serve and help others, not harm them.

Neptune on a collective world level is a different matter. It is the energy where so many seem out to lunch as if they were inebriated, not present. Scheduling an appointment, including a social get together, ordering something, talking to the phone company, the internet company, the cable company; the list goes on and on. Many are not listening or hearing something entirely different. How can we deal with this and lessen the stress. First of all request that others repeat the important details back to you as this will help clarity. Next write things down along with the date and name of person you spoke with. Get things in writing especially estimates of work to be done and if you are doing any remodeling make sure you are there while it is being done. Reconfirm appointments, including any social get together and ask for a reply back to make sure they received the message. Make daily lists and set up reminders on your phone; do not assume you will remember it all. This is the kind of energy where one can meander off into other things forgetting about an appointment, etc. It is a time where the emotional system and immune system can go into overload. Take the absolute best care of yourself and do not overextend yourself with obligations, including social ones. Avoid drama in your Life and those who create personal drama. A time to be extra alert and not tired or distracted. 


© 2007 Signe Quinn Taff Astrology